Colin Cowherd has seen all he needs to see.

The AFC is the Patriots’ to lose according to the FOX Sports 1 host, following New England’s 33-0 decimation of the New York Jets on Monday night.

Cowherd declared the AFC “is over” Tuesday, saying the Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens have next to no chance at knocking off the Pats in Foxboro in the playoffs.

“Folks I’m going to say something, and nobody has heard me say this ever … it’s over. The AFC is over,” Cowherd said Tuesday. “Maybe, maybe, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, maybe they can beat New England, the AFC is done. The Kansas City Chiefs? Really? They couldn’t get Jacoby Brissett off the field. They don’t do anything well on defense. … Once Andrew Luck retired, with that offensive line and that general manager and coach, the only thing left was Kansas City. And now, (Patrick) Mahomes is not and will not be 100-percent the rest of the year … the AFC is over.

” … Hi, Patriots fans, see you down in Miami, February 2.”

It’s true that the Patriots, after looking as good as they have all season Monday, got even better Tuesday in picking up Mohamed Sanu, and are primed to run away with things just seven weeks into the season.

The Pats also will get a look at both the Chiefs and Ravens in the regular season, which Cowherd notes will work against the them should they meet back up in the postseason at Gillette Stadium.

There’s a lot of football left to be played, for sure, but the AFC certainly is not looking like a stacked conference at the moment. And with the Patriots sitting at 7-0, it would take a big swing of momentum for the Pats to not claim home field advantage through the postseason.

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