Although David Pastrnak was a first-time captain during the NHL All-Star Game, it didn’t take long for him to adjust to the new role. And despite an initial concern of the “C” potentially slowing him down, he quickly realized the title comes with some perks, too.

As captain of the Atlantic Division team, an unhappy Boston Bruins winger took it upon himself to voice his opinion to the referees. Though when the official cautioned “… I don’t think you should talk to me right now,” Pastrnak made sure to remind him he wasn’t just any player.

He was the captain.

“Hey, I’m allowed to for this time I have (a) ‘C’! I’ve got a friggin’ ‘C’!” the Bruin responded with a smile.

Despite Pastrnak’s efforts to advocate for his team, the Atlantic Division fell to the Pacific Division 5-4 in the final. The Bruins winger still came up big in his stint with four goals and two assists. He was named MVP for his highlight-reel performance.

Of course, this came after his less-than-impressive performance during the Shooting Stars Challenge, during which the NHL’s leading goal scorer placed ninth out of the 10 competitors. But in typical Pasta fashion, he didn’t seem to take the loss too hard.

And it looks like his confidence picked right back up as soon as he donned his “C.”

Thumbnail photo via Aaron Doster/SA TODAY Sports Images