Why Do Brad Marchand, Leo Komarov Always Go After Each Other? Bruins Winger Offers Take

There’s been a rivalry lingering between Brad Marchand and Leo Komarov for a while now.

The most notable interaction between the two was the Boston Bruins winger’s infamous licking incident, where licked Komarov, then of the Toronto Maple Leafs, during a game.

But in Saturday’s contest between the Bruins and New York Islanders, the latter of which Komarov currently plays for, another chapter was written in their book of chippiness.

First, Komarov shoved Marchand as the Bruins winger approached a face-off.

Then the two got tangled up and Marchand tore off Komarov’s helmet.

And then Marchand hit the back of Komarov’s legs from behind with his stick.

When Marchand scored, he skated by and chirped the Islanders bench.

Finally, a tussle late in the game had Marchand, David Pastrnak and Patrice Bergeron all taking shots at Komarov.

Got all that?

When asked about why he and Komarov always seem to go at it, Marchand kept his response simple.

“Komarov, he plays that game and goes after guys,” Marchand said. “Seems to target me when he’s on the ice, and that’s just part of his game.”

The two sides won’t play each other again during the regular season, but a postseason matchup isn’t out of the question. That would be fun.