NFL To Investigate Allegations Against Dan Snyder, Washington Football Team

More allegations of the organization's sexism have emerged from a Washington Post report

by Alexandra Francisco

Aug 26, 2020

More allegations have emerged against Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder and the culture of his organization.

The Washington Post on Wednesday dropped another bomb on the franchise, reporting of more misogyny and sexual misconduct against female employees.

And later in the evening, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the league would be conducting an independent investigation into the accusations.

According to the Washington Post’s report, following their previous story in which 15 women spoke out about their treatment by male bosses, colleagues and players in the organization, 25 more women felt compelled to come forward to the media after feeling angered by Snyder’s response to the controversy.

And the latest allegations are even more concerning.

The Washington Post reported while producing “Beauties on the Beach,” a video documenting the making of the Washington Football Team Cheerleaders’ 2008 swimsuit calendar, a special directors cut of sorts with “lewd outtakes” was made for Snyder.

“What the cheerleaders didn’t know was that another video, intended strictly for private use, would be produced using footage from that same shoot,” the Washington Post reported. “Set to classic rock, the 10-minute unofficial video featured moments when nipples were inadvertently exposed as the women shifted positions or adjusted props.”

The Washington Post reported it obtained a copy of the 10-year-old video from a former employee, as well as a similar one from the 2010 cheerleading squad’s calendar shoot in the Dominican Republic.

In a statement released by Snyder in response to the new allegations, the owner referred to the report as a “hit piece.” And while he condemned the behavior the piece described, Snyder tried to discredit the story for its use of anonymous sources.

Now, with the NFL taking a deeper look with the help of third-party investigators, the truth will come out.

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