Top Five Overpowered Weapons That Bridged Fortnite’s Skill Gap

Fortnite has acknowledged going wrong several times


Feb 9, 2023

Since Epic Games took the ESports community by storm with Fortnite in 2017, the online quest for a “Victory Royale” in a 100-player battle has supplied some of the most fulfilling and gut-wrenching moments for gamers everywhere.

Helping further propel the Battle Royale-style setup, Fortnite has unveiled an entirely new way of introducing upgrades — with some subjective based on where you stand — through various pop culture cross-overs whether they’d reference Marvel, the NFL, NBA, LeBron James or even Travis Scott. Once upon a time, such ideas were unheard of among gamers, yet Fortnite has pushed those very boundaries that have resulted in a sea of attraction within the community.

However, again, most of Epic Games’ moves are subjective. While taking down noobs and elite gamers worldwide decked out as John Wick sounds cool, Fortnite has given its participants plenty of reason to chuck their controllers furiously toward their screens. The game has also housed some of the most unnecessarily overpowered weapon introductions to benefit those who can’t build, aim or bushcamp their way to a top-10 finish.

With that being said, here are the top five most overpowered weapons which benefited the most unskilled of players throughout the years:

Shockwave Hammer (Season 1, Chapter 4)
During Chapter 4 of the inaugural season, Fortnite introduced the Shockwave Hammer — the first example of a ridiculous addition.

This weapon, which like many others, was among the easiest to operate while also simultaneously posing the greatest threat of all. The Shockwave Hammer allowed players to deliver a 75 damage blow to opponents with just one hit. It also features the added element of allowing players to utilize the weapon as a form of transportation across the map, skyrocketing them to great heights while others confusingly await said players’ arrival down below with little to no chance at survival.

The Shockwave Hammer has become among the most infuriating of weapons to defend against with building becoming practically pointless considering the hammer allows its user to completely shatter their way through building forms of all sorts. Fellow players are simply subjected to encountering their inevitable demise, shifting a contest primarily created on clever building tactics and quick fire exchange at close range.

Infinity Gauntlet (Season 4)
While the head honchos at Epic Games were rolling out their collaborative promotion with Marvel Comics, Fortnite presented the Infinity Gauntlet.

This glove, which features six gemstones to appropriately replicate its inspiration, allowed players to transform into Thanos. Doing so, said players were able to gain a massive advantage of strength in both defense and offense. Not to mention the hand accessory provided an entirely extra level of both health and shield, making the task of overcoming it very improbable while allowing those challenged in skill to get a cakewalk lane to the cheesiest of wins — prompting a response from Fortnite following backlash.

A golden beaming light from the sky would reveal the gauntlet’s location within the map and instantly transform its user into the largest character on the field. Punches would deliver 80 damage while the right precision using the gauntlet’s laser — which fires seven shots per second — could deal upwards of 105 damage.

Lightsabers (Season 4, Chapter 3)
Another form of Fortnite pop culture tribute, the lightsaber paid homage to George Lucas’ “Star Wars” film franchise.

When Epic Games released a series of Star Wars skins that included Zorii Bliss, Kylo Renn, Sith Troopers and Stormtroopers to name a few. They also introduced the lightsaber as a limited-time weapon option. Much like the Shockwave Hammer, lightsabers were randomly distributed across the map and relatively easy to find for all players. Yet, that didn’t lessen the degree of advantage that it provided those who luckily stumbled across them.

For those who added the lightsaber to their inventory, users were given a massive defensive advantage. The lightsaber could dodge an opponent’s entirety of ammunition — both close and long range. Simultaneously, it was a much more efficient weapon for offensive purposes as well, dealing damage from 40 to 150 when swiped toward other players at close range. The mythic rarity weapon also had the ability to tear through all sorts of structures, making building as a defense tactic, pointless.

B.R.U.T.E — or “the Mech” (Season X)
Extremely beneficial to those playing in squad mode, the B.R.U.T.E was an absolute damage machine — literally and metaphorically speaking.

Up to two players were able to enter the massive robotic suit which put users at an advantage in a series of ways. To begin, unlike Fortnite’s traditional weapons which destroy materials such as wood, brick and metal, the B.R.U.T.E allowed players to harvest them. When it destroyed buildings, trees or other structures effortlessly, the material would be stored and easily available for players to add to their inventory. Now, as far as its offensive capabilities were concerned, the B.R.U.T.E posed a threat that the average player wasn’t able to sustain.

Scattered randomly across the map, the B.R.U.T.E featured a built-in missile launcher operated up top which dealt 50 damage on average while also offering a second seat for duo or squad partners to also fire their weapons from it.

On the other hand, unlike most overpowered weapons in Fortnite, the B.R.U.T.E had a downside. When having endured enough damage, users are given just a few seconds to exit and retreat to safety before the suit entirely blows up which in many instances, results in instant elimination from the match.

Infinity Blade (Season 7)
Debuted in season seven, Fortnite introduced players to another mythic variant in the Infinity Blade.

This large sword, which sat in stone similar to the sword of King Arthur, was recognized as the most all-time overpowered weapon users have ever seen. With just one per match, one lucky player had the battle’s greatest advantage of all, with a massive boost in health (200 shield and health), mobility and damage potential (75 per swing). Hiding behind building structures of any sort became pointless as a defense mechanism with the sword’s ability to shatter through anything and uplift the user in the air for a brief power jump.

This also prompted a Fortnite response with many players disgruntled.

To put into perspective, a fully healthy player has 100 shield and health. Therefore, just three swings to any opponent would result in a quick and easy elimination, making it the undisputed most valuable weapon Fortnite has ever created.

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