Bill Belichick has kept relatively quiet since his departure from the Patriots in January, as New England’s former head coach failed to land a job in the NFL’s latest hiring cycle.

The eight-time Super Bowl champion should soon see things pick back up, however.

Steve Belichick, after spending 12 seasons on his father’s staff with the Patriots, took an opportunity at the Washington this offseason. He’ll be running the Huskies defense, and expects Bill Belichick to make a few appearances in Seattle this upcoming season, among doing other things.

“I think he’s good,” Steve Belichick told Chris Long on Friday’s episode of the “Green Light” podcast. “Let this stuff roll off your back and move forward. He doesn’t dwell unless we lost a game and he needs to get on some guys, but mentally you got to turn the page. I wasn’t too involved with any of this stuff. He did his thing, I did my thing, and that was kind of that. He’s definitely pursuing other stuff, whether it’s TV, or be a regular on Green Light.

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“His hobbies would still be, I would say, critiquing football. He was excited when I came out here because he got to evaluate the scheme last year, evaluate the players last year. I’m sure he’ll come out here at some point to do some stuff, but the guy just loves football, so there’s definitely that element.”

It’s expected that Bill Belichick will return to the NFL next season, though it’s totally unsurprising that he’ll stay around the game in the meantime. He’s already been tabbed as the headliner at Nebraska’s football clinic, and likely will be able to pick whichever TV network he wants to work for.

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Patriots fans won’t have to pine for Bill Belichick after his departure. It’s up to you whether or not that’s viewed as a good thing.

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