Dan Orlovsky believes the New England Patriots will trade back in the 2024 NFL Draft. And Orlovsky’s reasoning is rooted in knowing the experiences of Patriots de facto general manager Eliot Wolf.

ESPN’s NFL analyst took to X, formerly known as Twitter, and said he expects the Patriots will trade down from No. 3 overall because of Wolf’s track record with the Green Bay Packers and Cleveland Browns prior to joining the Patriots.

“Elliot Wolf (acting GM for Patriots) was in Green Bay when they took Rodgers,” Orlovsky posted on X last week. “He was in Cleveland when they took Baker. He was in New England when they took Mac. He knows what happens when you take a QB with a bad roster around them and what happens when you build the roster first than take the QB.

“I expect Ne to trade back.”

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Orlovsky is not the only one who believes trading down would be the smartest thing for the Patriots to do. NBC Sports Boston’s Tom E. Curran has been banging that drum for weeks, too. New England has a number of holes on its roster with offensive tackle and game-changing wide receiver ranked in some order along with quarterback.

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Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo on Sunday, some six days after Orlovsky’s tweet, shared that drafting a quarterback is New England’s “priority.” However, Mayo still said all options are on the table with the draft one month away.

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