Bill Belichick has forgotten more football than many can remember, and it was an experience Matt Rhule understood firsthand.

The former New England Patriots head coach went without a job this offseason, so he’s spent his time at college programs offering his knowledge to coaches and young players. One of his stops was at Nebraska’s football program.

Belichick is a close acquaintance of Rhule’s, but the Cornhusker’s head coach did not expect the full football masterclass when the future Hall of Fame head coach arrived at Nebraska’s coaches clinic.

“He is so smart, has seen so much that he can make the complex so simple that it humbles you and embarrass you,” Rhule told reporters Saturday, per KETV NewsWatch 7’s Matt Sottile. “I was embarrassed sitting next to him at how smart he is, how simple it was. He went four and a half hours just with the coaches. Forget the clinic. He came in and met with our coaching staff. And three and a half hours in, I was like, ‘Coach, would you like a water? A coffee? Would you like to use the restroom?’ I desperately had to use the restroom. And he’s like, ‘I’m fine, man.’ I was like, ‘Yes, sir.’ And just sitting there and just talking and just his recall from things 15 years ago, the only reason why we don’t go through more information is because he’s having to slow down so you understand what he’s saying.

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“You have this man who’s a savant. He’s been a defensive coordinator. He’s been a special teams coordinator. He can be an offensive coordinator. He’s been a head coach, twice. He’s been GM. And he’s talking about football in a way that just illuminates things and makes things so simple that you’re like, ‘Oh, my goodness.'”

Belichick was renowned for his week-to-week game-planning, and his ability to dive deep into the game is why his former players continue to praise him for getting the best out of them.

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His football knowledge also is why analysts believe he’d be a good fit for television. However, Belichick reportedly might not be all in on a television career. But his experience with Rhule does show Belichick still has something to give to the game.

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