The golf world was shocked when it was reported Scottie Scheffler was detained before the second round of the PGA Championship in Louisville, Ky.

After a pedestrian was killed by a shuttle bus, Scheffler attempted to drive past police cars and make his way to Valhalla Golf Club ahead of his 8:48 a.m. ET tee time. Instead, Scheffler was stopped and handcuffed, booked, had his mug shot taken and charged with multiple crimes, including a felony.

Attorney Steve Romines was hired to represent Scheffler and spoke to reporters Friday morning. He claimed the two-time major champion showed his credentials while trying to enter Valhalla but was not aware of the traffic accident, per WLKY’s Madison Elliott. Romines added Scheffler would comply with authorities and let the process play itself out as court details would be determined at a later date.

“They are allowed to go through. That’s why they have the credential,” Romines told Elliott of other golfers being allowed to enter Valhalla. “Unaware there had been an accident, he proceeded like they had been instructed to.”

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Scheffler released a statement ahead of tee time where he called the situation a “big misunderstanding” and expressed condolences to the pedestrian, who the PGA of America revealed was a vendor at the country club, and their family.

The second round of the PGA Championship was delayed, but Scheffler arrived at Valhalla after he was picked up by the co-owner of the club so he could make his 10:08 a.m. tee time.

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Featured image via Matt Stone/Louisville Courier Journal via USA TODAY Sports Images