The Boston Celtics have been pretty busy with the Larry O’Brien Trophy since clinching the NBA Finals on June 17.

The C’s immediately took a trip to Miami. Joe Mazzulla and Jayson Tatum toured the North End with their new hardware after returning. Jaylen Brown took his NBA Finals MVP trophy across the pond for fashion week in France.

It was only right that they’d eventually find their way to Fenway Park.

The Red Sox welcomed the C’s to Fenway Park on Monday, introducing members of the title-winning team and having Kristaps Porzingis, Derrick White, Al Horford, Tatum and Brown throw out the ceremonial first pitches prior to a thrilling win over the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Boston has gotten used to such celebrations over the years, but the C’s believe theirs might produce some zany ideas from Mazzulla.

“I was sitting in front of Jaylen (Brown) yesterday at the baseball game, and Jaylen said, ‘Joe is going to take something from this and we’re going to be playing shortstop or something next year to get ready for a game,'” Brad Stevens told reporters Tuesday at Auerbach Center. “It’s just the way he thinks. I love it. His brain is just wired, it’s always on. He isn’t afraid to try things… I think we all love that about him.”

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It’s a funny joke, especially if you’ve followed along with Mazzulla’s lunatic tendencies over the last couple seasons. He’s the guy who tore his meniscus because he wanted to spar with his jiu-jitsu instructor after back-to-back losses to the Atlanta Hawks, after all.

The Celtics have fully embraced Mazzulla, however. It isn’t often you find a guy who can help you get over the hump, so they’re not complaining about a few uncommon antics.

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Featured image via Paul Rutherford/USA TODAY Sports Images