Chris Martin landed on the injured list on Wednesday for the Boston Red Sox.

The veteran reliever, rather than going through a physical injury, went on the list with anxiety. Alex Cora backed his pitcher after the transaction with an emphasis on mental healthy in mind.

Former Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon echoed a similar sentiment on NESN’s pregame coverage before Wednesday’s matchup between the Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves.

“The Red Sox are on the forefront of dealing with this,” Papelbon said on NESN’s pregame coverage on Wednesday. “Every player goes through (it). There’s no question about it. Sometimes, players resort to things that make sacrifices on their lives. I know (Alex Cora) has talked about this. With Major League Baseball, we’ve got to get with them and figure this out. There has to be some sort of list we can put these guys on. It’s different than an injury.”

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Papelbon, a 12-year MLB veteran, voiced the challenges of the mental struggle for players and advocated for the league to see the current scenario with Martin and the Red Sox and take action to enhance help for players.

“I challenge Major League Baseball to do something about it,” Papelbon added.

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Featured image via Eric Canha/USA TODAY Sports Images