Color Of Rihanna’s Super Bowl Dress Creates Betting Confusion

In the end, only one opinion really mattered


Feb 14, 2023

We apparently came close to another insufferable internet debate over dress color thanks to Rihanna’s attire during the highly anticipated Super Bowl halftime show.

Luckily, cooler heads have prevailed, and we instead have the second-biggest wardrobe-related story regarding a pop superstar performing at the Super Bowl. Well, maybe third, if you count Left Shark.

A group of the online betting community Sunday looked to have hit a juicy long shot, thanks to professional bettor Gina Fiore. In a story rehashed by, Fiore went on Jack Andrews’ “SuperStream 57” live stream before the game to join a collection of bettors to give out Super Bowl plays.

Nore’s favorite bet: Rihanna to wear a pink dress during the halftime show.

“Rihanna’s Fenty skincare line — which I’m sure all you guys know about, skincare and makeup — they have a gameday collection, and everything’s pink,” Fiore noted on the stream, as transcribed by SportsHandle. “So, I got Rihanna to come out in primary pink dress or shirt for +2500.”

It’s good enough insight, and you can’t argue with a nice 25-1 payout. So, you could only imagine how smart Fiore — and everyone who tailed her — must have felt when Rihanna took the stage in an outfit that at least some people thought (wanted to believe?) was pink.

At least one sportsbook thought otherwise, much to the chagrin of Fiore.

Lighting, especially when seen through a TV screen, can certainly play tricks on the eye. That apparently was the case here, too, as Rihanna very clearly wore red.

Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images

So, yeah. Very red.

Ultimately, Firore acknowledged her complaints didn’t take into account the lighting and how it would make Rihanna?s attire look.

“Once they showed the offstage photos, obviously, it’s red,” Fiore told “My problem was tweeting in real time and then getting (expletive) for that.”

Thumbnail photo via Patrick Breen/The Republic via USA TODAY Sports Images

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