Broncos' Early Season Blues: A Glimpse of What's to Come or Just a Blip?


Sep 18  |  5:58 pm

The NFL season is a relentless test of a team’s mettle, and, unfortunately for the Denver Broncos, the early signs aren’t promising. While the team’s start looked promising with a lead of 21-3, what transpired afterward has many questioning their potential this season.

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Announcers, fans, and even some players seemed to believe that the Broncos were on their way to a dominant win on Sunday. There was talk of them “blowing out” their opponents, being “unstoppable,” and even of a potential “explosion” on the field. But just as quickly as their dominance appeared, it vanished. Denver was not just stopped; they were effectively shut down as if an emergency brake had been applied.

Watching the game felt like witnessing a slow-moving catastrophe. One moment they’re cruising. The next, the momentum has completely shifted. Before fans knew it, the Washington Commanders not only caught up but surpassed the Broncos. And as any avid football fan will attest, recovering is a Herculean task once you’re overtaken, especially after having a significant lead.

Comparing it to Indy or even NASCAR, the psychological impact is substantial once you’re lapped or overtaken after a considerable lead. It’s challenging to get back in the game, both mentally and strategically.

Which brings us to Sean Payton. The Broncos have invested heavily in their head coach, but with the team’s current trajectory, questions will arise. Is the hefty paycheck justified, or will it become another point of contention as the season progresses?

It might be too early to completely write off the Denver Broncos, but they’ll need to showcase more consistency and resilience in the coming games to rebuild lost faith.

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Thumbnail photo via Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

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