The Warriors' Old Guard: Experience as the New X-Factor in the NBA?


Sep 21, 2023

Diving into the Golden State Warriors‘ recent NBA roster decisions, the team is clearly seeking a blend of experience and star power. The acquisition of Chris Paul, a seasoned point guard, raised many eyebrows, especially considering the presence of another elite point guard, Steph Curry, in the lineup.

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While Chris Paul has unquestionably been one of the league’s premier floor generals, the question arises: How will head coach Steve Kerr integrate Paul with Curry, considering they both traditionally occupy the same role? Given Paul’s unmatched IQ and Curry’s unparalleled shooting prowess, it’s a rich dilemma. Not to mention, this is Chris Paul’s first endeavor with the Warriors, a team still pivoting around its original core: Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson.

Further sparking intrigue, there’s chatter around Dwight Howard potentially joining the Warriors. Given Howard’s stature in the league, it’s surprising that it would take two days for the team to gauge his fit. Yet, it underscores the meticulous approach Golden State is taking to optimize its championship window with Curry.

With players like Paul at 38 and a core group not getting any younger, the Warriors are well aware of their narrowing championship window. However, age, in this scenario, might be a double-edged sword. The experience brings with it a wealth of basketball knowledge, allowing for strategic roster rotations, especially in the face of the NBA’s new resting policy. Having several starting-caliber players grants the Warriors flexibility in managing minutes and ensuring optimum performance levels.

In a league increasingly valuing youth and athleticism, the Warriors’ strategy might seem counterintuitive. Yet, the team appears to bank on the age-old adage: “It’s not how you start; it’s how you finish.” With multiple game finishers on their roster, don’t be surprised if Golden State makes another deep playoff run, reminding everyone of their championship DNA.

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Thumbnail photo via Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

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