Bucs’ Rachaad White Could Excel vs. Weak Panthers Defense


Dec 3, 2023

In this NFL football article from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ perspective, we’ll dive into a betting element by analyzing Rachaad White’s rushing yardage over/under of 62.5. We’ll explore the factors contributing to this line and provide insights on whether to bet the over or under. Let’s break it down with a Buccaneers’ viewpoint.

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Rachaad White’s Rushing Yardage Line

Rachaad White’s rushing yardage line is set at 62.5 yards, prompting discussions among bettors. To make an informed decision, we need to dissect the underlying factors.

The Impact of Volume

The key consideration when evaluating this over/under line is volume. Historically, running backs who received at least 15 carries against the Carolina Panthers’ defense consistently surpassed this yardage threshold. Thus, volume plays a pivotal role in determining the outcome.

Game Script and Carries

Predicting the number of carries Rachaad White will receive is crucial. Factors like whether the Buccaneers will have a lead and aim to control the clock can influence the number of carries allocated to White. To achieve success with this bet, we must assess the game script.

Rachaad White’s Recent Performance

Rachaad White’s recent performance reflects his versatility. He has showcased the ability to contribute both as a rusher and receiver. Notably, he garnered 15 carries for 100 yards against the Indianapolis Colts in his latest outing.

Betting Strategy

Considering the factors mentioned, a compelling case can be made for betting the over on White’s rushing yardage. If he receives a significant number of carries, as indicated by historical trends, he stands a good chance of surpassing 62.5 yards.

The Value of Rachaad White

White has been consistent in his presence and contributions, a valuable trait among midrange running backs. While results have varied, his ability to show up and contribute is commendable.


From the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ perspective, Rachaad White’s rushing yardage over/under of 62.5 presents an intriguing betting opportunity. The historical trend of running backs excelling with 15 or more carries against the Carolina Panthers’ defense bodes well for this bet. With White’s recent performance and the potential game script favoring the run, betting the over on 62.5 rushing yards seems like a sensible choice. By understanding the nuances of this matchup, Buccaneers’ fans can enjoy a unique perspective while pursuing a winning betting strategy.

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