Steven Tyler Rocks Fenway During Seventh-Inning Stretch


Steven Tyler Rocks Fenway During Seventh-Inning Stretch Fenway Park welcomed home rock legend and New Englander Steven Tyler on Sunday night, as the Aerosmith front man sang “God Bless America” during the seventh-inning stretch.

Tyler sounded great, the Red Sox responded with some runs, and the world found out that his daughter, Chelsea, could be mistaken for his twin.

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Steven Tyler Rocks Fenway During Seventh-Inning Stretch

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“A lot of guys say never wear [the ring] because it’s not cool, but I am one guy that is going to be very uncool and
wear it for at least 30, 40 days.”
Alex Rodriguez, referring to his World Series ring

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The city of Boston is roaming with zombies Monday morning thanks to Sunday night’s thriller at Fenway.

“I am the walking dead this morning, 12:07 am, OMG what a game and Go Sox! If this is what we are to expect this year, hold on ~”

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If Shaun White is “The Flying Tomato,” this guy must be “The Crashing Cabbage.”

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Aetna Strikeouts for A Cause

For every strikeout by a Red Sox pitcher at Fenway Park in June, Aetna will donate $250 to Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. Through June 25, the donation mark stands at $30,000.

Through their continued efforts in the local community, Aetna is helping to build a healthier world -- one city and one strikeout at a time.

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