Vote: Which Pro Sports League Has Most Stressful Preseason for Players Regarding Roster Cuts?


Vote: Which Pro Sports League Has Most Stressful Preseason for Players Regarding Roster Cuts? The reward is so great. A six-digit salary. Instant fame. A chance at glory every week in front of thousands of fans and many more on TV.

Yeah, a player could get used to this NFL thing.

For the players clinging to those final spots on the roster, though, each round of cuts brings a new level of stress. The Patriots on Saturday cut down their roster to 53 players, with some eliminations expected, some surprising, but each affecting the life of a real human being. Some of those who were cut will never step on a field as players again.

It's not quite as nerve-wracking in baseball, where spring training invitees are usually assured of a trip to the minor leagues at worst. Hockey players also have the minor league or international options to fall back on. In both cases, however, the player has to swallow his pride and accept the fact that he won't be competing at the highest level in the world for the time being.

The competition can be brutal in the NBA, where one or two roster spots at best are up for grabs each preseason. Many times, the best player in training camp and the preseason is let go because the team has a specific need that player doesn't fill. His options are limited to the black hole of the NBDL or international teams that have a penchant for bounced checks. It's not always fair, but that's the system.

Put yourself in an athlete's shoes. Which league would you absolutely, positively not want to be in if you were one of the last players hoping for a roster spot?

Which pro sports league has the most stressful preseason for players with regard to roster cuts?

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