David Stern Says He Will Not Be NBA Commissioner When Contract Negotiations Can Open Again


David Stern's reign as NBA commissioner will not last beyond 2017.

Stern, who has headed the league since 1984, acknowledged in an All-Star news conference that he will not be around in six years, when NBA owners and players can re-open contract negotiations.
He also tabbed a successor, although he admitted he would have no say in who becomes the next boss.

Stern's recommendation was deputy commissioner Adam Silver.

"One of the things that a good CEO does — and I try to be a good CEO — is provide his board with a spectacular choice for its successor," Stern said, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. "And I think I've done that, and that's Adam.

"If I were doing it myself, he would be the commissioner, but as I said before, the board will make that decision."

Stern also talked about the uncertain states of the Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Hornets, who have face sale and/or relocation, but he offered no hard information on either franchise.

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