Mississippi State Football Coach Dan Mullen Gets Frustrated, Nearly Walks Out on Reporters (Video)


Don't ask Dan Mullen about injuries.

That message was loud and clear when the Mississippi State football coach addressed reporters on Thursday.

Mullen answered a number of questions during what appears to be a news conference in his office. When asked about the health status of a few of his players, though, Mullen became visibly frustrated with the members of the media, threatening to walk out in order to tend to other matters.

"We have a policy on injuries," Mullen said. "Don't ask me questions that we have a policy on."

After Mullen got up and nearly exited, things started to cool down a bit, with those in attendance realizing, "You know what, we probably shouldn't ask about injuries." The Bulldogs head coach then sat down and proceeded to answer more questions as if the whole fiasco never happened.

But it did happen, and it's actually pretty hilarious.

Now to anyone out there interviewing Dan Mullen any time soon: I double dare you to ask him about injuries.

Check out the incident in the video below.

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