Bill Russell Jumps Over Defender in Grainy, Probably Fake, Black-and-White Footage (Video)


Bill Russell was a lot better than a lot of fans realize, even if they are well aware of his 11 NBA championship rings. He changed the game from ground-bound to high-flying, and he just happened to have an enormous impact on society along the way.

Contrary to popular belief, Russell was not just a defensive specialist who could block shots and grab rebounds. He was arguably the best passing center ever, a dangerous left-handed scorer and when he got out on the fastbreak, he could do some jaw-dropping things — like jump over defenders.

A grainy video, of questionable veracity, shows Russell dribbling coast-to-coast and skying over a helpless defender for a layup. The footage could easily have been faked, but even if it is, it is remarkable because Russell probably could have done this. Check it out below.

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