John Scott Leaves Douglas Murray Bloody After Fight During Sabres-Canadiens Game (Video)


What better way to start off Thanksgiving Day than with some good, old-fashioned fisticuffs?

Sabres goon John Scott obliged fight fans Wednesday night, squaring off with Montreal’s Douglas Murray in a lengthy bout that left Murray with a nasty cut above his left eye.

With Buffalo trailing 2-1 in the third period, the Canadiens took offense when Scott nudged Brian Gionta — who stands a full foot shorter than Scott — after a failed Sabres breakaway. (Or maybe they just really hate Buffalo’s atrocious third jerseys, which would be perfectly understandable.)

A scrum ensued, with seemingly every Habs player trying to get a shot in on Scott before he and Murray migrated away from the fray to start the fight in earnest. The two grappled for a bit before the larger Scott got an arm free and cracked the defenseman with a hard right to the dome shortly before the referees stepped in to break it up.

Check out the fight in the video below.

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