Mike Epps Gets Busted For Lie At Pacers-Heat NBA Playoff Game (Photos)

Comedian Mike Epps was born in Indianapolis and is a big Indiana Pacers fan, so it makes sense that he would want to be there Sunday as his team hosted the Miami Heat in Game 1 of the NBA’s Eastern Conference finals.

Which is exactly what he did. Or so he claims.

Epps tweeted out a picture of the Pacers-Heat game Sunday with the caption “We here.” The only problem? The Heat are wearing black jerseys in the photo. They wore red jerseys on Sunday.

Mike Epps

Epps quickly deleted the tweet, and in a different day in age, he might have gotten away with his little lie. The Twitter world rose to the occasion, though, as fans began mocking Epps’ false claim in hilarious fashion. Here a few of the best reactions, with a hat tip to Deadspin.

Epps later tried to cover his mistake by tweeting the following photo:

The Pacers, of course, did not play on Saturday night, leaving Epps caught in yet another lie.

Fortunately for the comedian, the Pacers pulled off a 107-96 win to gain home-court advantage in the series.



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