Miguel Cabrera’s Bobblehead Claims He’s National League MVP (Photo)

Friday night was Miguel Cabrera bobblehead giveaway night for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park.

Cabrera is the perfect candidate for bobble reincarnation, as the 31-year-old slugger has put up prolific numbers since joining the Tigers in 2008.

The designers of “mini Miggy” decided to honor Cabrera’s on-field prowess by having him hold the two MVP trophies he won in 2012 and 2013.

Pretty cool, right? Let’s take a closer look.

To quote Dwight Schrute, that’s false. As you can vaguely distinguish, the two trophies honor him as the National League MVP. Cabrera, of course, won both MVP awards with the Tigers, who play in the American League.

Whoever runs fan promotions for MLB teams these days might want to hire a proofreader, as Cabrera’s faulty bobblehead was given out just a few weeks after the Colorado Rockies misspelled Troy Tulowitzki’s name in a t-shirt giveaway.

Disappointed by the clerical error in their star player’s bobblehead, the Tigers fell to the Seattle Mariners 7-2.

h/t CBSSports.com



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