Take Your Pick: 19-0 or Tom Brady?


Jun 28, 2009

Patriots.com raised a terrific question as part of their weekly "Great Debate" series.

Imagine you have a direct link to the football gods. They will grant you your wish. And you can choose one of two options:

The Patriots finish off the Giants in Super Bowl XLII, go 19-0, and then Tom Brady retires.

or …

The 2007 season ends as it did, but Brady continues to play for the Pats for another decade.

Take Your Pick: 19-0 or Tom Brady?Which would you prefer?

Do you say goodbye to the player of the decade, take the one title and go home happy with the greatest team and the greatest season in NFL history?

Or do you pass up history in the hope that Brady and Co. are able to
win two or more Super Bowls over the course of the next decade?

Do you take the certainty of the one title or the hope of two or more titles moving forward?

From the perspective of a fan who loves following the Patriots and
their successes from season to season, I can certainly sympathize with
those who claim they'd rather follow a contending team every year.
Having Brady behind center for another decade would theoretically
ensure that.

But who in their right mind passes up a perfect 19-0 season, a
fourth title in seven years and the lasting pride in what would
undoubtedly go down in history as the best season the league has ever
seen (not to mention the ability to rid the record books of David Tyree's name for all eternity) — even if it ended with the retirement of one of the league's icons?

Whew … it's a tough call.

Which would you choose?

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