Wheaties Looks to Garnett, Manning to Save Cereal


Jul 23, 2009

Wheaties Looks to Garnett, Manning to Save Cereal Kevin Garnett does not like to lose.

In one of the greatest YouTube videos to ever grace the Internet, he said as much, telling John Thompson that he would hate to lose “if we were sitting here playing dominoes, playing cards [or] running back and forth.”

He then drove home his point, repeating, “I hate to lose. I hate to lose. I hate. To lose.”

That mind-set could be the reason that the makers of the struggling Wheaties cereal looked to the Celtics star for help in developing a new cereal geared specifically toward men.

The concept, called Wheaties Fuel, was guided in its creation by a panel of male athletes, that, according to The Associated Press, included Garnett, Peyton Manning and Albert Pujols.

General Mills, the manufacturer of Wheaties, has settled on three formulas. The final choice will be made by another panel made up of 1,000 "everyday athletes" who will vote for the winner, the New York Times reports.

The cereal will have more vitamin E and less folic acid — an ingredient deemed more beneficial for women.

Wheaties has been a staple in the cereal aisle before a cereal aisle even existed. Since 1934, athletes have appeared on the box of the "Breakfast of Champions." However, sales have dropped 14 percent in the past calendar year, the Times reports.

The final formula will be announced on Sept. 9 on the Wheaties Web site (which features some cutting-edge technology and indicates the level to which Wheaties is willing to go to promote the new item).

“Nobody in this enormous category is speaking to men,” David Clark,
a marketing manager at General Mills, said to the Times. “Men don’t use
their wives’ razors or deodorants; why would they be eating their

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