Jets’ Bart Scott Challenges Randy Moss to ‘Man Up’


Jets' Bart Scott Challenges Randy Moss to 'Man Up'The New York Jets did quite a bit of talking before their game against the New England Patriots last week (you may have heard it mentioned once or twice). After the game, the Jets had had their day and were rightfully happy. Thus ended the Jets-Patriots blabber.

Or so we thought.

Bart Scott, a newcomer to the Jets but a longtime player under Rex Ryan in Baltimore, didn't take too kindly to Randy Moss' postgame assertion that not only was he not shut down by Darrelle Revis, but that there's no such thing as a shutdown cornerback.

"I heard the easy cop-out by Randy Moss saying that anybody can play corner if [he] had safety help," Scott said in an interview on SNY. "[The pass to Moss that was intercepted] was a one-on-one jump ball. I think sometimes you just gotta give a man his credit and understand that [Revis] was the better man that day.

"That doesn't take [away] from the fact that Randy Moss is a great receiver in this league, but give the kid his due," he added. "Next time, it will be another chance to go out and do it again, and then he can't say the same thing."

Nothing in those statements was particularly inflammatory, but Scott was just warming up.

"[Revis] shut him down, he intimidated him," Scott said. "Randy was coming across that middle real slow. Tell him to man up next time and come across the middle like a man if he wants to be a complete receiver, if he wants to talk about 'no such thing as corners.' There's no such thing as complete receivers if that's the case."

Scott also wanted to talk about how well the Jets stopped Tom Brady.

"It was great. It's something that's not often seen in the NFL, guys attacking Tom Brady," Scott said. "Usually, guys are a little timid, they want to sit back and line up in cover 2 and let him pick them apart. We have a different philosophy and we executed perfectly."

Scott didn't want to live completely in the past, however. He spent some time talking about the Jets' next opponent, the Titans, and their running back, LenDale White, who has said that the person he hates the most in the NFL is Scott.

"I only played against him once. I don't know why he hates me so much," Scott said. "I called him a fat boy and I think it hurt his feelings a little bit. He's slim and trim now … so maybe we can make up. But personally, I don't care."

As far as the Patriots are concerned, you likely won't hear so much as a peep out of any of them regarding the comments. But the whole interview adds yet another story line to the already over-anticipated rematch at Gillette Stadium on Nov. 22.

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