Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is a four-time AL Gold Glove winner. Despite the awards and his status as one of the top shortstops in baseball, Bleacher Report’s Onan Coca thinks it’s time to shift the 35-year-old to left field.

Currently, Brett Gardner occupies left field for the Yankees. Although Gardener provides above-average defense, he boasts just a .256 career batting average in 150 career games.

Could moving Jeter into Gardener's spot be a viable option for the Yankees? Jeter would have to learn to play a new position, but given his strong work ethic, he should have no trouble. The biggest reason to move Jeter to left field is to limit the wear and tear he would take playing the shortstop position on an everyday basis.

Who would replace Jeter at shortstop? Orlando Cabrera is a free agent, and Ramiro Pena is on the roster. If the Yankees look to the trade market, perhaps they could package several prospects to pry Hanley Ramirez from the Marlins. In Ramirez, the Yankees would have one of the best shortstops in baseball, plus the heir apparent to Jeter at the shortstop position.

The Yankees are not considering moving Jeter for the upcoming season. But the move might be something both parties consider down the road.