Brian Westbrook Impostor Calls ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt in Epic ‘Howard Stern Show’ Prank

by NESN Staff

February 24, 2010

Brian Westbrook Impostor Calls ESPN's Scott Van Pelt in Epic 'Howard Stern Show' Prank The Philadelphia Eagles said goodbye to their longtime running back Brian Westbrook on Tuesday, so ESPN jumped on the opportunity to have a phone interview with the Pro Bowler.

Or who they thought was Westbrook.

Howard Stern‘s partner-in-prank-crime, Captain Janks, called ESPN as Brian Westbrook and got roughly 20 seconds into the interview before spilling the beans.

So what gave it away?

“I look forward to a future of worshiping the prostate of Howard Stern.”

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Brian Westbrook Impostor Calls ESPN's Scott Van Pelt in Epic 'Howard Stern Show' Prank

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?When I look back on my career, it?s hard to believe the [stuff] I?ve been able to pull off. I take everything with a grain of salt. There are a million variables. But I also take some credit for it. My pressure is to do what I expect of myself. To go out there and say I have pressure on me to win a medal, that?s the most asinine pressure to put on yourself. It?s not in your control at all. Whereas, my intensity is under my control. It?s not like you just push the button and go. You?ve got to get the right setup, all your ducks in a row mentally, and let it go.”
America’s Bode Miller after his DNF on Tuesday

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This reader puts Vince Wilfork‘s franchise tag saga into perspective.

“Baseball, football, It’s ALL GREED!! Go ask the ditch digger who is working at minimum wage. If not for him and many others who are the real IMPORTANT people in this country, how would these RICH, SPOILED, PAMPERED,so called heros make it through the day?? When and where does it stop? Lets pay our Marines and GI’s in combat the millions and pay these so called warriors what they are worth! Minimum wage. And if they are not happy with this, then maybe they can become real HEROS,and serve their country instead of themselves. And if and when these brats decide to enlist,bring your sleezy agents with you!!! Well, now that I’ve vented a little, we have to ask the question AGAIN,WHERE DOES IT STOP???? Millions and millions to play a game??.”

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