Nick Swisher Gets a Haircut


February 25, 2010

Nick Swisher Gets a Haircut Nick Swisher made waves in 2009 as the Yankees' version of Ricky Vaughn, with his Mohawk and blue-collar mentality. Turns out this self-proclaimed "bleacher creature" might be a bit more Hollywood than originally thought.

According to The New York Times, Swisher shaved his Mohawk and spent the winter in Los Angeles with his actress girlfriend, even doing a little acting of his own, guest appearing as himself on an episode of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

No longer playing the Vaughn straight from the California Penal League that riled up the crowd in Major League, Swisher has begun to resemble the domesticated Rick Vaughn from the less-successful Major League II.

Swisher still has some of that bleacher-creature streak in him, though, just as Charlie Sheen's character rediscovered the motorcycle and horn-rimmed glasses at the end of the sequel. Swisher took the shears to his head on an impulse for his new Yankee-friendly buzz cut.

But the look is just temporary.

"It'll grow back," he told the Times.

The fans in the Yankee Stadium cheap seats couldn't be happier.

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