Dustin Pedroia has typically been known as a scrappy type of player, but all that may change in 2010.

The Nation has spoken, and 58 percent of voters believe that the 2008 MVP will lead the Red Sox in home runs in 2010, according to the latest kgb Poll Question. Thirty-five percent of voters think Kevin Youkilis will lead the way, while the remaining seven percent think someone else will come through as the home run king.

With Jason Bay out of the picture, there are many candidates that could emerge as Boston's big bopper this season. It could be Victor Martinez, whose career high stands at 25 home runs, which he reached in 2007. It could be Adrian Beltre, who hit a whopping 48 bombs in his heralded 2004 season with the Dodgers.

Or who knows? David Ortiz could emerge from his slump and rediscover the form that once struck fear in opposing pitchers leaguewide. 

Pedroia's career high in home runs is 17, which he achieved during his MVP season, but this season, he's batting .405 and slugging .811 with four homers. It's unlikely anyone can sustain that pace, but if anyone can make it happen, it's Pedroia.

Youkilis topped out at 29 homers in 2008, and so far this year, he has one homer and is batting .290.