Kobe Bryant, Male Model, Hears it From Jazz Fans Jazz: 1, Lakers: 0. At least that’s how I see it in my book, after the fine display of Kobe Bryant-bashing in the stands on Saturday night.

Just days after his awkward, off-the-wall photo shoot hit the streets, Bryant and the L.A. Lakers ventured to Utah to take on the Jazz in Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals, and the Jazz responded — well, at least their fans did.

Despite losing 111-110, the Jazz won off the court thanks to a pair of fans dressed in Bryant’s interesting photo shoot garments.

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Kobe Bryant, Male Model, Hears it From Jazz Fans

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“They kicked our butts. Both teams in the same division and we haven’t really played that well against them, and they’ve been playing really good against us, and that’s what happens.”
–Catcher Victor Martinez on the Yankees

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Your bank account — yet another reason to root for the Red Sox during this difficult time.

“I hope they win. I have tickets! I hate paying for tickets if they’re going to lose. I can watch them lose at home for free!”

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