Report: Paul Pierce's Twitter Account Hacked Paul Pierce
was doing it all on Tuesday night. He scored nine points in the first 2:08 of the Celtics' win over the Magic, he withstood a clubbing from the swinging arm of Dwight Howard and he drained a pair of clutch free throws with 34 seconds left in the game.

He also was apparently able to tweet while speaking in a news conference.

That is what happened if you are to believe his Twitter account, which had a number of posts that could be classified as trash talking. However, Athlete Interactive, a "digital branding agency" of which Pierce is a client, said the posts were not authentic.

"Tweets on May 18, 2010 from @paulpierce34 are not Paul Pierce," Athlete Interactive said (via Twitter, of course). "The account was hacked. Twitter has been notified and is investigating."

One particular tweet from Pierce's account instantly raised eyebrows. It came just minutes after the game ended, and it read: "Anybody got a BROOM?"

A reporter asked Magic center Dwight Howard about the post.

"Pride comes before the fall," Howard said. "Just know that. They only won two games. They can write what they want, but know we're going to stay humble and stay focused."

Inspiring the other team could only be half the trouble for Pierce, as the NBA installed a Twitter policy before the season began. The rule restricts players from posting on social media sites until they have completed their media engagements after games. The fact that Pierce was actually speaking to the media when the tweets in question were posted should help his case.

The report of Pierce's account getting hacked is not the first for the Celtics this year, as Ray Allen claimed someone had logged into his account in December and posted explicit messages.

Pierce updated his account on Wednesday, advising the Twitter world to "disregard chatter."