John Daly Provides Much-Needed Entertainment at St. Andrews

John Daly Provides Much-Needed Entertainment at St. Andrews You'd hardly call this an exciting British Open.

It is tough to measure up to last year's Cinderella run by elder statesman Tom Watson, but 2010's Championship has been a real low. The most interesting plotline may be listening to announcers try to pronounce leader Louis Oosthuizen's name (WUHST-hy-zen).

But at least we have John Daly.

After Daly launched himself into the contention with an opening-round 66 at St. Andrews, fans couldn't help but pull for a miraculous victory. His next three rounds may not have followed through, but at least we got to spend the weekend with the guy when the event really needed some entertainment.

No stranger to looking ridiculous, Daly whipped out his best Kid Rock imitation on Sunday with American flag pants. He was joined in turning St. Andrews into a Halloween parade by Ricky Fowler, who wore a bright orange suit that should have said "Department of Corrections" on the back. Still, neither Daly nor Barnes can claim to be in the league of former golf clown Jesper Parnevik.

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John Daly Provides Much-Needed Entertainment at St. Andrews

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"You can't say enough about this club. We got a lot of things going against us right now, but we keep grinding, keep battling. There are a lot of pros in this clubhouse, for sure.''
John Lackey after Boston's 11-inning win over Texas on Saturday night

Comment of the day

When it comes to Red Sox trade deadline moves, everybodyhas an opinion, but one realistic name that seems to come up over and over again is Adam Dunn.

"Adam Dunn. That's the player the Sox should go after. Get rid of Cameron. Move Ellsbury back to center and put Dunn in left. In the off season sign Cliff Lee and trade Buckholdz for Gonzo. Beckett-Lee-Lester-Lackey-Dice K. Ellsbury,DP,Gonzo,Papi,Youk,Dunn,V-Mart,Drew,Scutero. This roster may seem like its not possible but all we would have to do is spend money. Resign Papi and V-Mart. Then get Lee and Dunn as free agents. I tired of waiting for prospects. We are not going to make the playoffs this year or next unless we make a big trade or splash in free agency."
–Wake Up Theo

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It's hard to find a good golf music video, but one true gem does exist. In fact, MTV lists Puff Daddy (pre P. Diddy), Mase and Notorious B.I.G.'s "Mo Money Mo Problems" as the 23rd greatest video of all time.

In the clip, Puff Daddy portrays "Puffy Woods" on the 18th green of "The Bad Boy Championship," with "Mase Gumbel" doing the announcing duty. It also features 1990s dance routines and Michael Bay explosions.

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