Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Screw Up Fight Arrangement for 100th Time This isn't the first time we've heard such news, but the deadline for Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather to reach an agreement has passed.

As mixed martial arts and UFC continue to take market share from boxing, you have to wonder: Why can't the two biggest stars in the clearly withering sport get it together to bring some life into the near corpse of an American pastime?

To be sure, both men look bad. Manny Pacquiao initially refused to take random blood tests for PEDs in the lead-up to the potential bout, and in an era in which fans are hyper-wary about PED use, we all know what that means: Roger Clemens.

It is almost amazing that Pacquiao's PR people allowed him to publicly make such a refusal, but then again, after "I've decided to take my talents to South Beach," nothing PR people ever condone can surprise us again.

Mayweather, though, appears to be the one currently causing the problems. Pacquiao seems to have finally agreed to the drug testing, but Mayweather, the previously outspoken smack talker, has remained silent and let the deadline pass.

And they wonder why so many people are shifting their interest to UFC, an organization in which one man, Dana White, ensures that the fans see the fights that they want.

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   Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Screw Up Fight Arrangement for 100th Time

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"I don't do well around the angry, bitter and emotionally fragile among us, which may eliminate 70 percent of the population. They say comedy comes from a dark place. Maybe 95 percent of the time it does, but it doesn't for me."
–Former SportsCenter anchor Craig Kilborn on why he abruptly left late night television

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With the Red Sox struggling against the Rangers, fans are beginning to lower their expectations and hope for a wild-card bid, even if that means doing the unthinkable.

"All right. I can't believe I am saying this, but this weekend I am urging Sox fans to root for the Yankees. They are playing TB tonight right now, and the Rays are winning 2-0 last time I checked. Yes, the Yanks will increase their lead in the AL East, but Sox need to worry first about catching TB. Once they take over 2nd place in the AL East, THEN we can worry about the Yankees. This is probably the ONLY time during the regular season (All Star break DID NOT count) that I will root for the Yankees. After this weekend, then the Sox-Yankees rivalry can begin once again. Sox fans, put aside your hatred for the Yankees for one weekend and cheer for them. I DO NOT want the Rays to gain anymore ground in 2nd place over the Sox as they already have. 5.5 games back is far enough back for me, thank you very much. As a Red Sox fan of 10+ years, I urge that many Sox fans do what I am doing. You may criticize me, and think I am crazy, but I'm hoping someone will see that cheering for the Yankees this weekend is the best option for the Red Sox and their fans this weekend. DO NOT CHEER FOR TB! For one, I will say this… Go Sox and Yankees!"

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Who is going to be the opening act at the 2012 London Games? Take That.

Have any clue who Take That is? It's the '90s British boy band featuring Robbie Williams (fresh off a new 100 million pound solo deal) that had the one hit "Back For Good." You have to say though, it's hard to call them a boy band when they are all going to be over 40 in 2012.

This video should explain how out of touch they are, but it may make you say, "Oh yeah, that song."

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