Do You Believe That Roger Clemens Did Not Use Performance Enhancing Drugs? With Roger Clemens' recent indictment on charges that he made false statements to Congress, the "did he use PEDs?" question has resurfaced.

Clemens and his attorney Rusty Hardin have always staunchly maintained that the MLB great never used performance-enhancing drugs, and Clemens attributed his longevity and success in baseball to "hard work" when interviewed on 60 Minutes, but a strong body of evidence to the contrary does exist.

First of all, Clemens' on-field performance is indicative of PED use. He posted season ERAs in the 2.00 vicinity at ages 42 and 43, a nearly impossible feat. Other known and suspected users also showed abnormal levels of success in their later years. Players from the non-steroid era generally followed a different career arc — one of decline in their 30s.

Clemens was also named in the Mitchell Report, and Yankees trainer Brian McNamee and teammate Andy Pettitte have staunchly asserted that Clemens did in fact use steroids and HGH.

Jose Canseco named Clemens in his infamous book Juiced, and fellow maligned whistle-blower Jason Grimsley also has accused Clemens of using PEDs.

In face of all of these accusations, Clemens has maintained his innocence.

So, do you think that Roger Clemens did not use PEDs?

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