With Shaquille O’Neal in the Fold, Nate Robinson Believes Celtics Will Be ‘Bonkers’


At least one current Celtic is excited for Shaq’s arrival.

Helping out at Kendrick Perkins’ high school basketball camp in Beaumont, Texas, Nate Robinson was especially candid about The Diesel coming to Beantown.

“It’s going to be fun,” said Robinson. “Things are going to be bonkers, but in a good way. We’re just waiting to see how it is.”

Bonkers, huh?

Well, Shaquille O’Neal has a reputation for bringing his big personality and tireless sense of humor into whatever city he lands. And if Glen Davis and Robinson were Shrek and Donkey during the playoffs, it’s anyone’s guess what cartoon duo Robinson and Shaq can resemble.

Not everyone, however, was excited as Robinson.

Perkins declined comment about O’Neal. Perhaps there is still bad blood after the physical Celtics-Cavaliers series when Perkins and Shaq battled down low. Or, maybe Perkins isn’t pleased he has another big man with whom he has to share minutes.

Either way, the 2010 Celtics are destined to be “bonkers.”

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