Brad Childress Calls Patriots ‘All-Time Great Signal Stealers,’ Prompting Laughter From Tom Brady


Oct 26, 2010

Brad Childress Calls Patriots 'All-Time Great Signal Stealers,' Prompting Laughter From Tom Brady Brad Childress, with his 38-31 record, 1-2 postseason record and complete lack of control over his football team, is not a very good head coach in the NFL. At this point, that is almost undisputable.

He also doesn't really know what makes an organization like the Patriots tick — otherwise, he probably wouldn't have made the following statement at his Monday news conference.

"I'm mindful of the last time we faced [the Patriots] here on Monday Night Football," Childress told reporters. "It was like a surgical procedure. That’s back when we used to signal [plays] and things like that. I remember having a conversation with [then-defensive coordinator] Mike Tomlin about that. These were some of the all-time great signal stealers. In fact, that's what was going on. They were holding, holding, holding. We were signaling from the sideline. They were good at it. It's like stealing signals from a catcher."

As if the Patriots needed more motivation to win on Sunday, good ol' Chilly just served it up for them on a silver platter.

This is a team that for years relied on the slightest bit of doubt from critics to allow them to play the "nobody believes in us" card. They have already done that this season, when a team of football experts for Partiots Football Weekly unanimously selected the Dolphins to beat the Patriots a few weeks ago.

The Patriots won that game 41-14.

Childress, however, felt the need to drum up bitter feelings from four years ago, when the 5-1 Patriots went into the home of the 4-2 Vikings and whooped them up and down the field. Tom Brady threw for 372 yards and four touchdowns, while the Pats' defense picked off four passes from Brad Johnson and Brooks Bollinger. The Pats won 31-7.

Yet, Childress blames signal stealing. In doing so, he's quite obviously overlooking the 2007 season. That was the year, of course, that a Patriots employee was booted from the sideline in New York, and the world turned against the Pats, saying their Super Bowls were fraudulent because of their videotaping practices.

They went ahead and nearly ran the table that year.

The earliest response came from Brady, who was a guest on WEEI's Dennis and Callahan Show on Tuesday morning. The hosts played the soundbite on air, giving listeners an instant reaction from Brady.

"We've been called much worse," Brady said, following that up with a good, hearty laugh.

The quarterback didn't seem too affected, but you could tell he couldn't wait to get to Foxboro to tell his teammates what Childress had said.

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