As anyone who's had a wild and crazy bachelor party — or at least seen The Hangover — can attest to, the morning after a night of drinking and revelry is generally not the best time to make career decisions.

That is, however, what led Bristol City keeper David James to join his new team this past summer.

Hey, at least he's being honest. (And at least he gets to use cool British language, like "stag do.")

"In between thinking about [my next career move], there was my wedding to organize," he said, according to "Somehow, it all converged at a single point, the morning after my stag do.

"I received a phone call from an unknown number," he continued. "I don't usually answer those, but I was still drunk and so I picked it up. Much to my astonishment the man on the other end was [then-manager of Bristol City] Steve Coppell."

Even in his drunken state, James had his wits about him when he recognized Coppell was on the other end of the line.

"If it had been anyone else, I would not have considered it, but such was my respect for Steve that Bristol City became a serious contender," he said.

While James' story is amusing, the real story is that Americans need to ditch the name "bachelor party" in favor of "stag do." It just sounds so much cooler when you're talking about your regrets.