Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger Drama Reaches New Low As Deadspin Posts X-Rated Details


Oct 7, 2010

When Brett Favre joined the Jets in 2008 the world was shaken up. Now Deadspin is looking to return the favor.

The sports website released a video that shows some unbelievable footage of Brett Favre allegedly attempting to seduce Jenn Sterger, a former Jets in-stadium host,online, through text messages and on the phone.

The video begins with a MySpace messages that say, “I saw you in tunnel at the game last week got your name from front office person i’m new to team with gray hair all the info I can give. Dont want to give to much this was only i could way to try and reach you without being to obvious not sure.”

The next message allegedly sent by Favre reads, “If you get this today and don’t believe it Jared Winley works in Pr for jets he will either slip my # or ask for yours.”

Not convincing enough? They also have a recorded call that Favre made to Sterger.

“Um Jenn. It’s now set up just go done with practice. Got meeting here and won’t be out for a couple of more hours. Then I’m going back to the hotel to just, chill. So, um, send me a text cause I’ll be in the building for a couple of hours. Would love to have you over tonight. I think Aaron came up and asked ya if you would give him your number, but I understand. But, send me a text I would love to see ya tonight.”

Sterger declined to meet Favre and said she feared she would end up in a garbage can if she got involved.

Still not convinced? The next call is worse.

“So, in some garbage can huh? So, that’s what you think think of ya? Well, I’m still trying. Just got done with practice. I’ll try the other phone.”

Then the video cuts to three images of a man’s private parts, and the site asks if the images are of Brett Favre.

Favre has not commented on the video.

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