Send Andy Brickley a Question to Answer During Bruins-Maple Leafs Game With the exciting start to the Bruins’ season, B’s fans are likely going through hockey withdrawls heading into Thursday night’s game with the Maple Leafs at TD Garden.

No fear, though, hockey is back, as is the second installment of “Ask Brick.” Last week, readers were asked to provide a question for Bruins color commentator Andy Brickley to answer on air, and Brick wants more of your questions.

With Toronto in town on Thursday night, there are plenty of storylines to consider.

The return of the Leafs also signifies the return of Phil Kessel. The formers Bruins playmaker is off to a hot start in Toronto, and not surprisingly, as Kessel has gone, so have the Leafs. Want to know the reason for the hot start? Ask Brick.

Of course, that’s not to say there’s nothing going on in Bruins camp. Tuukka Rask returned to goal this past Saturday in a loss to the Rangers and the goaltending question continues to burn. The injury of defenseman Johnny Boychuk has some Bruins fans nervous about where the added defensive help may come from.

So whether it’s something having to do with those issues, or something else related to the Bruins or hockey, ask away.

Andy Brickley will answer one question from a fan during every Thursday Bruins game on NESN this season. Leave your question in the comments section below, and watch the Bruins’ game to see if Brick answers it on the air.