As if the Summer of LeBron didn’t create enough Heat haters, there’s now an incentive for basketball fans to root against the team.

At Whiskey Tango All American Bar and Grill in Miami, the owners are literally banking on the Heat winning this season, because every time the Heat lose, patrons drink for free.

All fans have to do is sign in at the bar a half-hour before tip-off. Then if the Heat lose, the bar will cover each person’s tab up to $25, all season long.

While the promotion seems a bit cocky on the bar’s behalf, it could actually be a genius marketing tool.

The Heat have a very good chance of winning 60 games this year and even have a shot at the record of 72 wins if the team comes together. So that means they’ll only lose about 10-20 games.

The bar is sure to get a larger crowd for exciting matchups because if patrons think the Heat have a chance to lose against teams like the Celtics and Magic, then they’ll want to enjoy the free drinks. And in those 60-plus wins, there’s bound to be plenty of fans who order a couple of extra drinks every time the game is close.

But the promotion doesn’t just benefit the bar. Heat fans are in a win-win situation, too. If the Heat win, hooray! If the Heat lose, they can drink their troubles away.

Still, the plan will only work if the Heat actually win, and they’ll face possibly their toughest test in the season opener on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.