Eric Johnson's Football Life Has Him Prepared for Life With Jessica Simpson Making a career out of getting hit in your noggin is probably good training for life with Jessica Simpson.

Fortunately for Eric Johnson, that’s the position he’s in, as the former NFL tight end is engaged to the now-barely famous pop star.

Though Johnson spent his college years at Yale, he spent five seasons in the NFL, getting his head pounded in by flying safeties and bruising linebackers.

That should be a good warm-up for having conversations with the not-so-brilliant beauty.

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What’s harder: Getting hit by NFL players or having a conversation with Jessica Simpson? Leave your suggestion in the comments section below.

Eric Johnson's Football Life Has Him Prepared for Life With Jessica Simpson

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“I’m assuming we’re all going to the ESPYs this summer, play of the year. I told Mike [Thomas] to book my ticket.”
–Maurice Jones-Drew, on the stunning, last-second Hail Mary that won the game for the Jaguars

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This person claims to be Jason Varitek‘s No. 1 fan. Hard to argue with that.

“Jason Andrew varitek how could we let him go when he has been on the redsox for his whole career if we let him go we shall fall and the Yankees will buy the sox don’t let tek go and be cursed plus he is a great influence to the whole team and he was our first captain don’t let tek leave if for some reason he does leave at least retire his number and sign him to ritre with the sox like we did with nomar. Garrcpia he deserves. To stay on the sox he risks hhis body to play to make sure we win if he does leave I want to see Theo epstien gone for making that desion”
–#1 tek fan