Montreal Alouettes Players Suggest Grey Cup Conspiracy Over Hotel Quality The Canadian Football League's Grey Cup is set to unfold this Sunday in Edmonton, but is the contest rigged?

A couple of Montreal Alouettes think so — because of the lack of hot tubs at their team hotel.

According to the Toronto Sun, Alouettes safeties Matthieu Proulx and Etienne Boulay are claiming that the CFL is showing favoritism towards their opponents, the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

"It seems like the league wants to give us problems by forcing us to do crazy stuff," Proulx said. "In our minds it's clear they want Saskatchewan to win the game. I'm going to drop a bomb but I don't really care … it got worse this year than it was last year."

As for his evidence, he cited the relative quality of the team facilities.

"This year again, we still got the cheapest hotel," Proulx said. "We have the visiting locker room, which is small, and we can't use the training room there. But we don't really care. It sucks at first but we got over it.

"I feel like it's a slap in the face," Boulay said. "I'd be crazy to think otherwise. It's obvious they put the Riders in the five-star hotel. We're still in the cheap hotel with small rooms that aren't adequate for our needs.

"There was no pool, no hot tub, no ice baths."

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Montreal Alouettes Players Suggest Grey Cup Conspiracy Over Hotel Quality

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