Braylon Edwards Adds Insult to Injury With Postgame Backflip Routine


The Jets earned the right to showboat on Sunday, a privilege that Braylon Edwards took all of negative 15 seconds to take advantage of.

After the game’s final onside kick recovery, Mark Sanchez took a knee, and with that, Edwards lined up his tumbling pass and hopped to it like Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On.

Edwards landed his backflip and went on to praise his quarterback. 

“His swag was speaking for him,” Edwards told the media of Sanchez.

Emphatic as Edwards’ post-game gesture was, it still couldn’t hold a candle to Bart Scott’s “Unforgivable” imitation.

See the flip below.

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How does Braylon Edwards know how to tumble? Did he have the right to do the back flip? Leave your thoughts below.

Braylon Edwards Adds Insult to Injury With Postgame Backflip Routine

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“Yaaaaaa that’s my boyfriend!!!! Woot woot.”
–Kristin Cavallari’s tweet, referring to Jay Cutler advancing to the NFC Championship Game 

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The sideline-wall conspiracy?

Jay Glazer does not like the Patriots. He tried deflect and pile on the Patriots when Alosi got into trouble.

This is a lie. It is not true.

And at this point it is so desperate and pathetic that it’s funny. Hahaha.”

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