Albert Pujols, Cardinals Prepared for Day of Reckoning As Deadline Rapidly Approaches We know this: Albert Pujols is taking his talents close to South Beach — the Cardinals hold spring training in Jupiter, Fla. We don't know if he'll back next year, or for the next decade, for that matter.

Yes, the day of reckoning for Pujols and the Cards has arrived, with a reported deadline of noon marking the end of any and all negotiations with the best player on the planet. If a deal is not reached, Pujols will hit the free-agent market in November, and the entire Cardinals organization hangs in the balance.

The whole ordeal, while less self-serving as LeBron James "Decision" special, is drawing the attention of the entire baseball world.

"I have no expectations of anything," Cardinals manager Tony La Russa said, according to

"When people thought of St. Louis, they thought of the Arch, and they thought of Stan "The Man" Musial," Joe Posnanski wrote for SI. "Albert Pujols can be that man for the next half century."

"The vibe in this camp was that it would take something miraculous for a deal to materialize out of the mist before the deadline alarm sounds," wrote ESPN's Jayson Stark. "And maybe 'miraculous' is too optimistic a word."

Whatever happens, Pujols will save himself from public scorn so long as he resists the temptation to sit in a director's chair, pretend like he's a cool dude and have Jim Gray lob him softball questions.

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Albert Pujols, Cardinals Prepared for Day of Reckoning As Deadline Rapidly Approaches

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"They knew nothing. They knew nothing."
–Bernie Madoff, to The New York Times, regarding the Wilpons' investments in Madoff's Ponzi scheme

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So many emotions and thoughts summed up in so few words.

"Pacman and Mosley are going to burst each other up. This is one of those fights that will get really nasty. Two supermen trading punches without feeling any pain. The problem will come as they grow older and when out of public eye, all this pain that is numbed by artificial means will backfire later in life. Lets go Pacman lets go…lets go Sugar lets go…!"
–Atlanta Roofing

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The Marlins share a spring training stadium with the Cardinals, but the Marlins are having a bit more fun this month.