Jordan Staal, Brandon Prust Part of NHL’s Latest Installment of On-Ice Injustice


Jordan Staal, Brandon Prust Part of NHL's Latest Installment of On-Ice Injustice Getting punched in the face never tickles, and it’s easy to sit in front of a keyboard and say a guy was faking it.

That being said … Brandon Prust was faking it.

The Rangers’ tough guy offered his best submission for an Oscar when Jordan Staal gave him a love tap on the chin late in the second period. Staal was hardly unprovoked, as Prust had just taken a (mostly clean) run at Tyler Kennedy. When confronted by Staal, Prust threw his elbow in the face of the Penguins’ center. That’s when Staal offered a left cross that wasn’t exactly out of Mike Tyson‘s playbook.

You can watch the play in question here, which is in a foreign language so no commentators can sway your opinion.

Staal was booted from the game and received an automatic suspension. Prust, meanwhile, was feeling well enough to play the third period, despite milking it on the ice for a few minutes.

“It was kind of surprising — it happened quick [and] he caught me on the sweet spot,” Prust said, according to “It was just more the surprise. … He threw a punch. I agree with the call. Stuff happens on the ice. I’m happy he did. We got a five-minute penalty. Thank you.”

In case you were wondering, Matt Cooke was nearby but had no involvement in the play.

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Jordan Staal, Brandon Prust Part of NHL's Latest Installment of On-Ice Injustice

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