Penguins-Stars Trade Makes Sidney Crosby Teammates With Former Fight Partner Matt Niskanen The NHL is increasingly becoming a friendly place, where enemies become friends.

Last week, Zdeno Chara became teammates with fellow Slovak Boris Valabik — the same Boris Valabik whom Chara beat up a few years earlier. Valabik was immediately sent to Providence, thereby postponing the inevitable meeting of the giant D-men.

Just a few days later, another pair of former fight partners are being reunited in Pittsburgh, with Matt Niskanen heading to the Penguins, along with James Neal, in exchange for Alex Goligoski.

Niskanen is known in Pittsburgh as the guy that Sidney Crosby tossed around like a rag doll back in November. You remember, don’t you?

Crosby and Niskanen sharing a locker room won’t be a problem, as past battles tend to be forgotten once a guy joins a new team. Plus, Crosby’s got bigger things to worry about as he continues to deal with post-concussion issues.

Still, with just five career fights on his resume, there’s no way the Pens’ superstar forgets his epic shoving match with Niskanen.