President Obama‘s approval rating may be middling, and he may have his hands full as he tries to legislate in the face of a Republican House of Representatives, but he got a break from those worries on Friday,  basking in the glory of welcoming a hometown team to the White House.

The Chicago Blackhawks paid a visit to the President for a party on the South Lawn, presenting him with a No. 44 Obama sweater.

“I think we’ve even got some blood on here,” Obama said of the jersey. “It shows it’s authentic. Fantastic.”

“We’ve hosted a lot of teams at the White House over the last two years, but this one is a little sweeter,” Obama said. “It’s pretty special. That’s because it is the first time as President I get to say congratulations on bringing a world championship to my hometown, the city of Chicago.”

Barack implored the rest of Chicago’s teams to match the Blackhawks’ feat, even the team that he isn’t a fan of, the Cubs.

The highlight for the President, though, may have been trying on some championship “bling” in the form of a title ring.

See the reception below.

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Barack Obama Welcomes Blackhawks to White House, Tries on Championship 'Bling'

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