Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Admitting ‘Underprivileged Children Free’ to Game ‘in Honor of Black History Month’

Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Admitting 'Underprivileged Children Free' to Game 'in Honor of Black History Month' Donald Sterling is an NBA owner with a long track record of racism allegations, so you’d think someone in the Clippers organization would let him know how terrible his most recent ad looks.

However, it is the Clippers after all, so nothing was done and the team now has a major PR battle to fight.

Interestingly enough, it was an intended good deed that has the Clippers in trouble this time, as the team will celebrate Black History Month, albeit a couple of days late, on Tuesday night. The problem? Well, the problem is that the team took out an ad in the Los Angeles Times for the promotion, and that ad says that “In honor of Black History Month, the Clippers will admit 1,000 underprivileged children free.”


Sterling’s face appears prominently in the ad, right next to Blake Griffin‘s.

Yikes again.

Is Sterling saying that underprivileged children are only allowed in if they’re black? Are black children allowed in for free if they come from a family with money? How is this honoring Black History Month?

Sterling is a guy who’s been accused of having a “plantation mentality,” of discriminating against residents at apartments he owned based on race, of bringing women to the locker room and saying, “Look at those beautiful black bodies.” His Black History Month celebration now can be added to the list.

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Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Admitting 'Underprivileged Children Free' to Game 'in Honor of Black History Month'

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