John Daly’s Ex-Wife, Sherrie Daly, Says Golfer Lives Life Wilder Than Tiger Woods


March 27, 2011

John Daly's Ex-Wife, Sherrie Daly, Says Golfer Lives Life Wilder Than Tiger Woods When Tiger Woods‘ skeletons were thrust out of his closet, the world was fairly shocked because to that point, the golfing icon had maintained a squeaky-clean image.

Now Sherrie Daly, ex-wife of golfer John Daly, is saying her ex-husband lived a life even wilder than Woods. Yet, the world may not even bat an eyelash.

Sherrie Daly is releasing a tell-all book about her husband, to whom she was married for nine years before getting a divorce in 2010. The New York Post explains that Sherrie details Daly’s alcoholism, the prevalence of strippers and prostitution on the course at PGA events and his penchant for urinating on things.

Sherrie shared a lovely, heartwarming story from a Make-A-Wish event, during which a pair of strippers apparently got too close to John for Sherrie’s liking.

“I grabbed that one girl, the one who had sassed me, and I choked her,” she said. “And then I grabbed the other girl’s hair, and I swung her around every which way.”

“Daly retaliated by taking a beer bottle and throwing it at her pregnant stomach, leaving her on the green,” the Post said. “Later, he shoved a fruitcake in his pregnant wife’s face and smacked her on the back of her head. His friends and handlers watched idly as he then dragged her off of the bus and left her by the side of the road.”

Sherrie’s credibility is somewhat tainted, if only for claiming that “golf sluts may dress in golf outfits, with those nerdy visors and argyle socks and sweater vests and pretend they’re interested in the game, but they’re just whores in preppy clothes.” As you’ll see in the photo of the day, she fits that description — with the addition of high heels — on the cover of her book.

Sherrie says in the book that the 150 days she spent in prison for money laundering were a holiday from the hell that was her real life. She told the Post that she only wrote the book because John would not admit publicly that she didn’t stab him in 2007.

Just your typical American romance.

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John Daly's Ex-Wife, Sherrie Daly, Says Golfer Lives Life Wilder Than Tiger Woods

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